Immediate prayer requests

POSTED - 4/17/19

New from Sunday – request that William will maintain his sobriety.




POSTED - 4/15/19

New request – Kathy Pfister – her 47 year old niece Stacy Cranfill had a heart attack in Colorado while on vacation. She is in surgery to have stent put in.  Prayers for Stacy and her family.




POSTED - 4/14/19

Praise – Carolyn Hewitt and Ray Tryon were in church today.

RaySara was not feeling well today.  Sara’s mom has stage 4 throat cancer.

Bob Hewittbrother in law has cancer.

Pete Mastelatto has been in Davis with heart problems.  He may come home today.

Elaine – Louise Weitze is improving, continued prayer.

Dennis – Leslie and family are in Hawaii.

Rita – Gene is home, so – so daily activities.

Continued prayers for Doreen Jircitano, Evan and Marie in their transition to RoseLeaf (Larkspur), Lovetta Fain, near death.

Another praise – 8 children today, processing with the palms, singing.


Reminder – Maunday soup and worship, 6:00 p.m. Thursday

Good Friday – Congregational church, 12:00 – 2:00 P.M.

Easter Breakfast – 9:00 a.m. worship 10:15






POSTED - 4/13/19

Louise Weitze had a stroke and is at Oroville Hospital, she also has bleeding around her heart, they will be doing an MRI to check on the bleeding before they treat with the stroke meds..  She is having a problem forming words please keep Louise and family in prayer. 




POSTED - 4/11/19

Doreen Jircitano is having heart problems.  She was in Oroville and Sutter.  She is home but her heart rate is very erratic.  She is having more tests. She also has hives and congestion.  Prayers for healing and treatment.




POSTED - 4/8/19 

Elaine – Louise Weitze is in the hospital.

RoseAnn – two friends having surgery, also close friend Rich Sanfilippo who died last week. She will be going to the bay area – prayers for travel.

My friend Betty Vasser is recovering from her stroke.

Evan and Marie Snow will be moving to RoseLeaf care facility this week.

Continued prayers for Ray, Caroline, and Gene FriezeRita was in church today.


Praise – we have a moderator to lead session.





POSTED - 4/5/19

Rose Ann - Thank you for putting my friend Rich Sanfilippo on our prayer request. Sadly he passed away sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning when his sister went to awake him for work.  


Audrey – Betty Vasser, a Bridge friend from Kelly Ridge suffered a stroke on Wednesday.  Prayers for recovery.


POSTED - 3/31/19

Praise – Ray Tryon was in church!!  Thanks Sara. More recovery to come.

Alice – son Pete has serious heart problems.

RoseAnn – friend Rich Filippo has heart and lung problems.

Elaine – cousin Audrey has a brain tumor.

Patti – friend Kathy Ray whose husband died a year ago is mourning the death of her 26 year old son who died in his sleep, no known cause yet.  (Prayers for Patti and Pat too – reminders of their son who died in his sleep.)

Rev. Pamela Anderson – a friend whose 4 year old nephew found a gun, shot himself.  He is on life support.

I heard from Debbie Otis. Her husband Robert has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

Continued prayers for Carolyn Hewitt, Evan Snow, Gene Frieze, and Lovetta Fain.

Congregational meeting: elected elders – Joan Nylund and Susan Montgomery; deacons Nadine Watts, Sandra Hembree and RoseAnn Oliveira.

The History channel has a new film: Jesus, His Life.  Repeat of Part 1 at 9 tonight and/or 6 tomorrow.  New episodes tomorrow  8-10.  Then 2 more Mondays.  Very good what I have seen.

Prayers for all; blessings on all.



POSTED - 3/29/19

My nephew Greg Postma, 55, was found dead this week, probably from his diabetes. Pray for his sisters and brother as well as other family members.

Mike and Sherrie ask for prayers for better health.  They have a couple good days and then have problems again.

Ray is ready for out-patient therapy, not at his own house yet, not allowed to drive yet. 

Carolyn Hewitt answered the phone herself yesterday – pray that the skin graft heals.

Gene Frieze had a so-so week – prayers for Rita also.

Lovetta Fain is on comfort care.

Marian’s son was in church. He asks for healing for his son who has mental health issues.

Joe V – Matt who works with him – several family members have died in the last few months – cousin, brother, mom. sister-in-law.

Sandy Hembree – Jim is doing well where he is in a care home in Williams. 

Nadine and other family members are not feeling well.

Dennis – for his brother Larry in Costa Rica and friend Wayne in town who is sick.

John C – his son is healing from his shoulder injury.

Prayers for the church and new office bearers. 

Congregational meeting is next Sunday.





POSTED 3/18/2019

Lovetta Fain is in Enloe. She is failing. She will go to skilled nursing if she is able to leave.

Carolyn Hewitt had the skin graft Monday. She is home now, goes back to Davis on Tuesday.

Ray Tryon is at his daughter Sara’s. Home Health has been coming daily.

Gene Frieze is home (against doctor’s orders.) His hearing has gone bad. Prayers for him and Rita.

Roy Boyette had his shoulder surgery – it went well.

Amy has the shingles.

Evan Snow is in Country Crest skilled nursing for therapy.

Marie says her shingles are merely tingles.

Nadine – baby Jocelyn in home in Ridgecrest. They have oxygen available is needed.

Craig McAtee – daughter Megan will be leaving for a mission trip to Nepal. Prayers for safety, blessing, and many thanks for her recovery from the problems she had earlier. .

Meryl - Bill and Grace Sheff – a grandson died.

Frank – for those affected by the mosque shooting in New Zealand.

John C – those affected by the dam that burst in Nebraska – and the other flooding in the Midwest.

Joan – thanksgiving. Eric Kellar will preach twice a month for the next four months. She is negotiating with someone for the other two weeks each month.

Travel blessings for Greg and Stan who are on a trip to Israel.

Continued prayer for Walt and Sue.

Reminder - TPW Bible Study will meet at Elaine’s Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Blessings


POSTED - 3/13/2019

Nadine’s granddaughter -18 days old- has improved but is still on oxygen. Continue prayers.

Ray is improving, may leave rehab hospital this week.

Gene Frieze is not improving. His dementia is getting worse. He will probably be moved later this week, not sure where but possibly Sacramento.

Carolyn Hewitt will be having surgery at UC Davis tomorrow – skin graft. Home health has been helping but Bob is doing many of the dressing changes. Shannon has been doing most of the cooking. Prayers for all.

Bob said that Hope Smith of Oroville Flower Shop died. Prayers for the family.

Evan Snow is in Country Crest for rehab. Marie says her shingles are receding. Praise – Sherrie French and Mike Jones were in church today. They have had many health issues this winter. Prayers for son Daniel who has shingles. Vivian, our secretary has been out all week with a virus. Pray for healing. Elaine – Bob and Louise Weitze are both sick. Elaine’s daughter and husband are helping with their care. Prayers for all. Prayers for the mentally ill – my neighbor had a bad week. Update – Eric Keller, our minister today, has agreed to preach twice a month – Praises! There is a search for someone else to do twice a month. Nadine’s new granddaughter is being taken to children’s hospital in orange county with RSV. right now. Respiratory virus Two hours from home. Jocelyn was born on the 2oth of February. Prayers for the baby, parents, and grandmom Nadine Watts. Blessings, Audrey


POSTED 3/7/2019

Carolyn Hewitt almost passed out Thursday, she put her hand/arm on the stove, Bob caught her, took her to ER. She has been in Oroville since but will be transferred to the burn unit in Davis. Her sister has come to help Bob. Ray Tryon is in Enloe Inpatient Rehab on East Ave after his heart attack. His pneumonia is not completely gone but he is making good progress.