Who We Are

You have been looking at our site so you already have an idea of who we are.  Here, then, is a bit of our history.

Oroville, California is at the northern end of the gold country and among its treasures are, to mention just two, a diverse community and the major attraction, Lake Oroville.

For years Oroville Presbyterians met to share in worship and love for God and Jesus Christ.  By the 1950’s a committee of thirteen was formed with the purpose, goal and task of building a church.

In February of 1959, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Oroville, CA was founded with 61 charter members and had even purchased four and one half acres on Foothill Blvd. for our home.

[Trinity Presbyterian Church] By 1964 the new church building was ready and services began.  In 1980 and again in 1984 the campus was expanded.  There was a fire and this resulted in the addition of a new Fellowship Hall and kitchen.  There have been many celebrations of God’s love and community through the ensuing years and we have been very blessed by God’s enduring love and guidance.